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Lab Services

Psychological Assessment

Psychological and behavioral assessment serves a critical role in any research on the healthy development of children and adolescents. Our lab will assist researchers and community partners who hope to incorporate such measurements in their research projects.

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Examples of Psychological Assessment

Psychological Testing

This includes computer-based neuropsychological and developmental testing to assess children's cognitive, emotional, and/or social functions

Standardized Questionnaires

This includes evidence-based standardized self- or other-reported questionnaires to assess children's cognitive, emotional, and socio-behavioral outcomes from a multi-informant perspective

Qualitative Methods

This includes structured, semi-structured, or unstructured qualitative approaches such as interviews, surveys, and focus groups to provide a mixed-method perspective for outcome evaluation

Lab Services: List

Things we can help you with

Lab Services: List

Designing Research

We are happy to consult with your team on integrating psychological and behavioral components into your study design, including selecting appropriate assessment tools and assisting with grant applications. We will also help connect your team with potential collaborators with the expertise your project needs.

Conducting Research

We are happy to assist with the implementation of the psychological assessment component of your research, including training, data collection, analysis and interpretation of collected data.

Disseminating Research

We are happy to help prepare the psychological assessment component of your conference abstracts and manuscripts, including creation of professional tables/visualizations and texts. We are also equipped to assist with translating your scientific findings to more accessible resources for dissemination in local communities / organizations and/or social media platforms.

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